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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Run/ walk

Does walking make you tired or give you energy?

     Nearly every morning I wake up and get ready to tackle my daily run. Although recently, my alarm clock has not been successful at its job- or perhaps it is I that neglects to get enough sleep due to my insane coffee intake. Nevertheless, on the mornings that I do not get up in time to start off my day with a run, I don’t feel as energized. Though as soon as my run is complete, I am ready to conquer anything. 
It is on these runs that I can completely erase my mind of thought or I can contemplate elaborate thoughts, depending on both my state of mind that day and whether my run is long or short- which also decides my pace. People have told me that I am crazy for my determination and endurance, but I tell them that they are crazy. Running has not only given me great physical health; it has given me an extremely strong mental health as well. 
I am not saying that one needs to run every day or even run at all. Walking is an excellent- if not better- alternative. 



  1. While I do believe walking or in this case, running gives you energy, the morning run giving you energy serves more of a physiological purpose. When you run in the morning, you are physically waking your body and mind up so you are more awake afterwards. If you did not run this would not happen.

  2. Kaite Berry H12:01 PM CDT

    While you may feel energized, after watch your sleep debt! This sounds insane but they have found that our bodies will accumulate a sleep debt after so long, and eventually despite our attempts to put it at bay with coffee and energy drinks. That's why sometimes if you are tired enough, no matter how loud that alarm is, it won't work. Just a fact for today.