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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Asgardia, the Future or the Fallacy?

The article at the end of this post prepossess the eventual creation of a space station nation.  a place where human can live in work in peace and can be a hub for trade and cooperation the world over.  Is this the future of humanities inevitable branching out into space though, or is it just a day dream?

Personally, I believe humanities eventually colonization of space will see one of two states before these colonies eventually attain independence and recognition as separate states from mother Earth.  We will see a second era of imperialism, where state will branch out into the void in a a great power play for resource and strategic positions that will likely see military clashes that may make their way back to Terran soil.  The other option is that, before than, some large unifying body will be able to pull enough sovereignty away from individual states to moderate there space exploitation and prevent conflict.  Whether this will be a united Earth government or something like the UN that will have the political and economic if not military power to enforce its rulings I don't know. 

What do you think though,  is this optimistic idea our future, or a fallacy?

Asgardia, nation state in space


  1. (H3) While it is a lovely idea, I believe wherever there are humans working and living in close quarters there is bound to be conflict, it is inevitable. If the past has shown us anything, it is that eventually we, humans, will find something to disagree over.

  2. There's nothing wrong with having an optimistic outlook, however history has shown us that conflict is one thing that we have yet to avoid

  3. I fully believe that we will eventually live in space in someway. However it will not be a peaceful, non conflict place. Humanity is greedy, manipulative, and hateful. Living in space will not change the way our brain work.

    1. (H3) Are we hateful, manipulative, and greedy? If that is all there is to mankind than how have we gotten so far already?

  4. I believe like you that we will one day colonize space however I believe one of two things will happen one the human race destroys earth and the race bands together in order colonize space or a nation such as Russia or America will do like the space race and make a state in space that is still connected to the nation on earth.

  5. I also agree that we well inevitably and eventually inhabit and explore space for more than just other life forms. I also agree with others that there will always be some conflict no matter how small. Without the presence of a large issue to fight over, humanity will find a small issue to start wars over. It is sad that we are this way, but there are too many extremists to satisfy all. I do look forward to and hope that some form of space colonization occurs during my lifetime.