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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Noble" Man

Nietzsches noble man is not someone I not most others would want to be. His noble man mainly concerns conquerors, almost praises them. Conquerors are the ones capable of cruelty and almost always see themselves asmembers of a higher order than people who only know how to do something. He only recognizes his duties to those of equals. He exhibits cruelty, violence, and cunning in war. He becomes the incarnate will to power . The conqueror finds his greatness in that on how to kill and conquer others that are lesser than he. This is not a man that I personally would like to be. I must ask, who would? Why would someone want to become Nietzsches noble man? The only person I could see becoming this noble man is someone ruled by fear, someone needing to absolutely conquer and control someone else or a group of people out of fear of them because there is no need to conquer them if one does not fear them

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  1. I think that you don't necessarily fear someone in order to conquer them for instance they could have something you want or have done something to you that was unsatisfactory to your eyes in terms of conflict I think that one does not often conquer someone simply out of fear.