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Thursday, October 20, 2016


I think it's interesting to see the different types of walks that suit different people. Kant was a person who was very consistent and time-conscious person. His walks were brief, avoided too much sun, did his best to avoid working up a sweat, and they were only an hour long. This sort of walk is a walk of relaxation; a perfect type to clear the head after hours of academic work. After eyes had been focused on the small text of pages, the students in his classroom, and other indoor objects, the mere ability to let the eyes focus on objects far away in the distance must have been a great pleasure in itself. The time away from his books and writing would allow Kant time to think of other things, to daydream, or to come up with new ideas, previously undiscovered solutions to questions. His walks were a release, making his mind and his body more at ease.
Nietzsche had a different walk. His walks were more similar to day hikes than a stroll. Walking in mountainous regions for hours, making his body work hard for the progress he made, sweating and shivering in different temperatures, better suited his temperament. Not a thoughtful academic, Nietzsche had dramatic flair, Will, and a desire to conquer. Kant undoubtedly never considered his Philosopher's Walk as an act of victory, but that seems to have been the case with Nietzsche.


  1. I believe that after a day long hike one may forget any interesting ideas they develop. However, if your goal is simply to cleanse the mind over developing ideas, the longer walk seems effective.

    1. (H3) I think it has to do with your intention. If you are walking for the purpose of being philosophical, and not just walking for the simple pleasure of it, you might hold onto ideas better.

  2. I had not really thought of all these different aspects before either. To me walking had always just been walking.

  3. (H3) The type of walks each philosopher employed may have been what each needed to relax or it could have been a reflection of each of their principles. Was Nietzsche walking to find peace or to simply exemplify himself? Same for Kant.