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Monday, October 31, 2016

Free Speech on Campus

Free speech has been a hot topic, especially with the demonstrations that they have had on campus lately. The first amendment of our Constitution is meant to protect this right of the individual, but we have had a tendency to stifle opinions that we do not agree with. We as college students are here to learn not only lessons in the classroom but lessons about life. One of the biggest takeaways from that should be real world experience. Yes, the speaker in the SUB commons, was rude, and bigoted, and hateful, and very much misrepresentative of Christian belief. But he has every right to profess his beliefs just as much as the rest of us do. We can’t filter out that kind of ignorance in the real world, so why should we be coddled and protected from it in a place that is supposed to be preparing us for just that? As a Student Government senator there was a big debate about this about a month ago when purposing a resolution to oppose safe spaces on campus. This has recently become an issue for UT Chattanooga and we collectively believe that this will keep us on track to keeping the conversations open, and not shunning ideas at the risk of offending people. College is a place to learn and discuss ideas openly without risk of being silenced because it may be unpopular. We have to learn to listen and discuss rather than yell over each other, and if we can’t learn to do that, then we will never be able to progress as a society.


  1. Christian Brooks (H3)12:36 PM CDT

    I also find it interesting for the need of 'safe zones' in the very place that is supposed to be readying us for the real world. Free speech shouldn't be limited because 99% disagree with it, though it should definitely be answered with a logical answer.

    Here's an article on President Obama's opinions on the matter: http://bit.ly/2f1sHvU

  2. (H3) I agree that there shouldn't be "safe zones" for free speech because there aren't "safe zones" in the real world. Everyone is going to be offended by things you say and nearly every day you will be offended in some way.

  3. Free speech is fine. Harassment is not. He has every right to stand there and say people in general are going to hell, but calling out specific individuals and calling them whores, and other absurd names is not okay.