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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Religion vs. Philosphy vs. Science

       "Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous." This quote seems to be congruent with things I have thought for a long time and things I have recently learned. I have, for several years, been non religious. Religion, although necessary in some ways (morals, consequences, etc.), can be extremely dangerous. Humans are extremely impressionable. "Religion" has caused sayings such as "don't drink the cool-aid".  Religious leaders can have far to much power. Therefore, when a religious leader is, or becomes, corrupt they can lead their "flock" down a dangerous and deadly path. Religion is believed as truth, praised, and "followed" strictly. However, philosophers, are "wishy-washy' in a good way. It seems to me that all they do is think and thought process can be changed. Most philosophers don't seem to devote themselves to one person and follow them regardless of the dangers. Granted, I prefer science, which states things are one way, but gives reasonable evidence to support these statements. Science also excepts when it is wrong and rewrites itself as needed. Religion does not change in this way, and philosophers don't generally back their statements with strong indisputable evidence. I prefer science because I do not feel a requirement to believe in it or do everything a leader in science says. I feel religion can take away one SENSE of free will. Science allows you to believe what you want and follow what you want with out the fear of damnation.(H1)


  1. I agree it is scary how much power we give our religious leaders the pope for instance I believe is known by more people than any other nations leader. If one of these people are to make a mistake then it influences for more people then just the people of a given nation.

  2. I like the viewpoint you took for science rather than others. The power that we attribute to people simply based on 'their religious status' is insane, especially considering some of these very people may be terribly immoral and not even follow their own beliefs. One thing I also feel isn't quite right with society is the high pay that these people recieve. A preacher should not be making more than a firefighter who puts his life on the line. It's weird seeing where our nation places it's priorities.