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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Walking and Gravity

When it comes to walking and gravity, I agree with Frederic Gros's 'Philosophy of Walking'. I feel that when i walk, I lose all sense of gravity and after long enough just feel the lightness that Gros mentions. I feel like nothing is pulling on me, that i am just floating through the landscape without effort, becoming one with the natural surrounding. I love this feeling. It is why I hate walking in the city and only truly feel right walking in a natural landscape. I love the feeling of the light pushoff my feet do from the hard ground to move forward. I love the feeling of my arms swinging back and forth with the rythm. I love these feelings so much that eventually I forget about them, they become independent, as if they were always doing the same motions and always will. My mind becomes free from feeling amd my body then free from gravity as there is no pull downwards for me. These walks where i can achieve this feeling are the best walks there can be. They can also be the most enlightening in that it frees your mind from your body to think about the many things and ideas in life. Walking in nature is the best way to philosophize in my opinion just because of the freeing nature of it.

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  1. I get the feeling form weightlessness from running it feels natural to me. I would also prefer to run in nature where I can be one with my surroundings instead of being surrounded with man made objects.