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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

optimism vs pessimism

While I do think the argument for pessimism is valid, I still find myself looking toward optimism. People use pessimism to protect themselves from experiencing disappointment. In the end, they usually find delight when they find a better outcome than imagined. This seems promising because you won’t feel bad, especially if the outcome turns out very well. For example, feeling that you did poorly on an exam, you will expect a very low grade. The worst you could make on a letter grade scale is an F. You feel especially great when you receive an A. However, I find pessimism problematic in the mentality. You don’t see the good to not ever be disappointed. Being disappointed won’t last forever. You can get over the disappointment in eventually finding something beneficial from a bad event. Sometimes being disappointed can make you stronger. Instead of shielding yourself from disappointment, you should know how to fight your way back from it. I think it’s more meaningful from having actually experiencing disappointment and still returning rather than thinking of the worst about everything just so you can always be happy. It can also be said that optimists make up a silver lining when there isn’t one (they’re making something up so they can be happy even though nothing from the situation is happy). Well, pessimists have the same process. They can make up the worst even if it really isn’t that bad. The difference is how do you want to be happy- from not finding bad or from finding good. I would say I’m optimistic. Sure, I’ll be disappointed sometimes, but it’s worth more to me if I have a healthier mentality.

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  1. I feel that the main problem with pessimism is when it becomes time to pursue a future. Pessimism may lead people to not take risks as to avoid trying for no reason. Pessimism reminds me of just one question;"Why bother if I know I will fail?" This allows for people to hide behind their pessimistic views rather than trying to pursue anything greater in life.