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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Staying Informed and Staying Entertained (H1)

It is everyone's responsibility as a citizen of their nation and the world to stay informed about what is happening around them. Major political or social issues arise in the news every day and one must stay informed in order to vote, take other meaningful actions, or drive discussion on said issues. However, with all that said, one also has a responsibility to the self to not become overwhelmed or overburdened with the world's troubles.
When someone becomes too crushed by the weight of the world and the knowledge and news of what's going on, then it becomes detrimental to the person's well being and ability to be a productive and responsible citizen. In order to subvert this, it is only natural that one take a break from the world by partaking in whatever pastime they see fit. Sometimes taking a step back from everything and focusing on what you enjoy and what brings you relaxation is more important than keeping up with everything else that is going on around you - thought this does not mean that you should remain totally separate and ignorant of said goings-on.
A responsible town citizen may take part in town meetings and activities, may read the town paper everyday. However, this citizen should not become utterly consumed with all the town gossip and news (unless of course they plan on going into politics), this would consume the citizen and make them unhealthy. It would be more responsible for this citizen to occasionally take a break from the town news and gossip so that way they can stay mentally fit and not become overwhelmed by everything and end up slacking on staying informed.

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  1. It baffles me that so many people complain about particular politicians running for office, but refuse to vote...