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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Human's Are Freaking Confusing, Man.

Unlike most who post on this site, I tend to answer the discussion questions in my weekly entries, and I don’t plan on breaking that tradition now. So here we go. Revelation must be judged by reason in some sense. Yes, even revelations need to be judged by reason, but also faith. Because let’s assume that Obama, out of the blue has a revelation that if we start the second Holocaust then our country will thrive. Um, yeah, I would be concerned if someone didn’t question his line of logic just because he had a revelation about something. Yes, you can in some ways trust a revelation from someone, but you shouldn’t trust it wholeheartedly and not right from the start. If someone has a revelation that the moon is blue, you should know not to trust them because logic and reason say that the moon is gray.

Okay, so I just thought of something that I want to type about off the old noggin here. I was talking with a friend today about relationships. She was in a fit because she couldn’t understand why people were her friends, despite the way she acted and sometimes treated them. She thought she was worthless and undeserving of their love, care, and kindness. And to some extent I had to agree with her. Who of us believes that we are truly worthy of anyone’s love or kindness? Well after discussing such things for a while I eventually said, “We all want to be accepted.” I paused as I realized how true of a fact that was. And in a way, it was sad to me. Yes, it is not right for man to be alone, but it was sad to me that we so desperately seek for others approval and yet once we have it, we feel like we are unworthy of it.

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