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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Has civilization improved humanity?

I think in a sense civilization improved humanity, we have become more educated, technologically savvy, etc. We have also found a way to help others in times of need faster than we could have before. We can see this with the quick responses to Haiti after the recent hurricane, Matthew, hit. Or even when hurricane Ivan brutally hit the Caribbean in 2004. We would have never been able to help Haiti or the many various islands in the Caribbean without the technological advances we have had. But I think that we have also destroyed humanity: we no longer communicate with our friends and family, we have become anti-social because of technology; we have continued to murder, but just call it by a different name; we have taken away the importance of humanity; we have lowered the value of humans just because they are too small to speak for themselves; we have found a love for money and gold over a love for people; we have allowed success to destroy us; we have gone into other countries and destroyed them more in the name of science. I think that we have done more evil than good. I think that we need to find a way to allow ourselves to enjoy all the luxuries that comes with technological gains, scientific discoveries, etc., without losing our humanity or our morals. If we can find a way to keep our humanity, then we would have found a way to have successfully become more “civilized”.

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  1. I agree that some technologies have definitely hindered social interaction. However, I think the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Technology saves lives; increases the opportunities for children to learn while parents are busy cleaning, cooking etc; helping the less fortunate, quick resolution to crises; quick important information updates; and many others. Also, technology can, when utilized well, increase individuals socializing abilities.