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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Pursuit of Pleasure (h1)

It is basic nature for one to pursue the path which leads to achieving their personal pleasures. In fact, this nature is one of the leading principles behind capitalism, one can pursue their desires and anyone has the chance at achieving what they want. Whether a person pursues taking a bath, eating foods, spending time with their family instead of working, or their personal strive towards fame and fortune.  This is often constructive and beneficial for people in the allowance of work equals reward, however, there are sometimes when one's personal pleasures do not assist the greater good.

If someone is greedy and exploits those around them to achieve their goals in a harmful manner, should they pursue their own personal pleasure? This type of behavior is encouraged by capitalism but it left to the moral review of people's pleasures in order to decide if it should be pursued.

Many times one's personal pleasures do not directly conflict with the greater good, however, in cases in which it does, it takes the better person to sacrifice their own pleasure for the greater good of others, However, it is the fundamental idea behind our nation's economy, that if one is able, the personal pleasure of their own can be outweighed from that of those around them.


  1. (H3) In regards to capitalism you are right, left unchecked it is potentially destructive. that is where the idea of a natural aristocracy comes in I think. A group of naturally virtuous people who can control and regulate the monster and be an example to others.

  2. This is a difficult question. If the pursuit of life is to be happy, then what if robbing banks is what makes a particular person happy? To that I might say that what the person really wants is wealth, which can be obtained in other ways... but what if the action of robbing banks itself is what the person enjoys?

  3. When people sacrifice their own personal pleasure for the greater good, I don't see it as much of a sacrifice because that person takes pleasure in assisting the greater good and leading this world to a better place.

  4. (H3) The question is the motive of the sacrificing their own pleasure. Is someone truly sacrificing their pleasure out of selflessness or out of the goodness they will feel in their heart for doing it?