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Sunday, October 16, 2016

(H3) Gym Therapy

Gym Therapy 
After reading about Kant's daily routine it got me thinking on what do I daily discipline myself to do in order to achieve my goals, the first thing that came to mind was the gym. Each day I spend about two hours in the gym running and lifting weights. Fitness and health overall have slowly progressed to become one of the most important things to me. When I workout I feel better about myself and I become more productive in everything I do. The gym motivates me to accomplish things such as homework, writing, practicing my guitar, etc.  
Making working out a habit is something that takes a lot of discipline. Many days you don't have a desire to go and would rather stay in bed, but you have to push yourself everyday to go because afterwards you feel good about going. The gym originally became important because I desired a better body and to lose weight but after time it became important to simply be fit and healthy. Everyday my goal is to be better than yesterday and that has become a motto in everything I do. The discipline required to make the gym and my fitness a priority and go everyday is a discipline that I can carry over to over aspects in my life and that will allow me to accomplish tasks that won't be enjoyable at the time but will be beneficial. The gym is my daily discipline and is therapy to me.


  1. (H3) Do you think this can all be attributed to discipline or perhaps some to the endorphins you produce when you exercise? Either way it is great to have such a healthy routine, a consistency to depend on.

  2. I am the opposite. If I feel I am not doing well enough in school or at work I have no motivation to workout. However, when things start to get back on track I am beyond motivated to go for a run or do Focus T25. (H1)

  3. I like to think I am a very active person I enjoy the gym therefore does not require as much discipline for me to go the discipline come in form of me simply not having the time to go.