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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Values (H1)

Does it matter where values came from, if they are good values? Why do you think people behave with kindness, compassion, and consideration?

It is very important for an individual to realize where their values come from and reflect on them. The majority of people simply accept the values of their generations and society in place before them. However, even if these values seem good, one should always reflect on them. Just as slavery and prejudices that have plagued the world over time, people often accepted it as morally correct and nothing wrong with their personal values, simply because this is how it has been and therefore there is nothing wrong with it. 

On a separate note, it is important to understand where certain values of yours come from for perhaps you can go back and find new values. Greater expanding your character and personality. 

People behave as they do because of society's expectations. It is rare people act in actual good will rather than within the concern of repercussions  in the forms of public disdain, image, or even criminal incarcerations. 

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  1. Although I have never thought about it before, you make an excellent point regarding the origins of our values. I tend to only consider the morality of them rather than where they began and whether those origins were moral themselves. It really changes the aspect of values and the morals that they are therefore based upon.