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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tomorrow, Tomorrow I Love ye Tomorrow

     The words of little orphan Annie. I would say this is an answer to a philosophical question.  The question being "Is it reasonable to expect the sun to rise tomorrow?". I believe that the answer to this question is simple, and can be answered by just about anyone. The fact that people make plans for the future, which any active member of society does, makes it reasonable to expect the sun to rise. Unless of course you are speaking quite literally and saying that we will still be here the sun will just simply not come up. I would expect though that if the sun decided it didn't want to come up then my plans (classes and work) would be canceled. So in short I believe that whenever we make plans for the future which most do (unless you are aimless wonderer) then you are reasoning that you will be expecting to see the sun the next day.
     I can not furthermore comprehend that one would prefer that half the world be destroyed. Although we sometimes might wish that china Russia and North Korea (we love Australia) will just go away I would not want them obliterated. I would much prefer that one prick my finger, and I'm terrified of needles. Such that any decently minded human person would prefer there finger be pricked as opposed to many nations and 7 billion people all seizing to exist. This is all of course on the basis that it would be the other side of the world if it where to be our side of the world then it wouldn't matter because one could not prick our finger because we would be nonexistent.

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  1. I had not thought about this in relation to plans for the future but I completely agree!