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Monday, October 24, 2016

(H3) Good Vs. Bad

      What do you consider good or bad? In out readings this week we learned about the idea of Hegel that good is pleasure therefore pleasure is the only desirable thing and that bad is pain, but does that really make pleasure the only desirable thing in life. While it is very true that we seek out pleasure in life, I don't believe it's true that pleasure is the only desirable thing. There are many things in life that I desire that don't bring a lot of pleasure.

     The path it requires in order to have the life and career I desire isn't exactly desirable, but I find it worth the sacrifices it takes. Many times pain and suffering is involved in success and I believe often the best things require this pain in order to be achieved. Pain makes us that much more grateful for the joy and pleasure of the end result. The joy of others is also something I find desirable and that often requires suffering or sacrifice on my side of things so selfish pleasure isn't the driving force in those desires. I think pleasure is very desirable but it is most definitely not the only desirable thing and doesn't qualify something as good or bad.


  1. I agree that you can not have the desirable without the painful somewhere along the way. However, good things do happen without bad occurrences fore coming them. I do not agree with the direct links between good and happiness and bad and pain.

  2. I agree that pleasure is not the only good however I would not qualify pain as pleasure even if the pain makes me achieve a greater pleasure I can justify this by doing things the hard way and the easy way any person wants to take the easy way to avoid the badness of the pain of the hard way.

  3. Kaite Berry H0111:44 AM CST

    The painful things are what the joyful things truly joyful. Like you said, without pain would we ever know what joy really was? We would live life in this constant state of happiness, yet never really know why or how important that happiness. The reason why we all strive so hard for success and happiness is to escape the pain we have felt before. If we did not experience pain at any point, what would we strive for? Would we strive for anything? Would we stay at the constant state of okayness and never go for anything further? I think so.