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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Pessimistic Life

I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So acknowledging the pessimistic side of things is part of my daily life. However, I do not think  living a completely pessimistic life would be wise for anyone. Yes, if you are always expecting the worst than when good things happen they can mean more. However, if you are constantly expecting the worst than you will constantly be unhappy. The only time you will find happiness is when things do go well. Living expecting the worst and in sadness can lead to forced depression. In cases that this happens you will remain depressed even when good things are happening. Depression is miserable and I would never want to willingly put myself in danger of becoming depressed just to never feel disappointment. I am not entirely Optimistic but I at least can hoep for the best and live happily off of that hope (H1)


  1. I believe one of the most dangerous factors of a purely pessimistic ideology is the idea of death, which if left to expecting a bad result, makes life seem less enjoyable with a pessimistic outlook.

    1. (h3) That's sort of the major downfall of such a philosophy I guess. Anyone who truly believes in it is a hypocrite because they will say life is not worth living, but refuse to do the only logical thing, which is to end the suffering as quickly a possible, and commit suicide, but they cling to life, which implies it would be more painful to loose it than suffer it. Perhaps Achilles was right when he said to be the lowliest of the living was better than being the king of the dead. I guess if you look at it like that all pessimists should also be stoics and hold onto life dearly.

  2. (H3) Wouldn't a problem in living a pessimistic life also be that the person would be skeptical of any happiness or good in the world? Therefore, even when he or she found good they would simply dismiss it.

  3. This seems like the perfect stance on the optimism vs. pessimism fight. The main problem with these issues is that most people do not choose a mediated approach, but one extreme to another. With any case of extremism, there is going to a huge positive and a huge negative. If we simply would find an average ground to place our stakes, we would find it much easier to gain happiness versus disappointment in either day to day or the occasionally bad instance.