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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marxism and "True Anarchy"

A world without money; a world without class divisions; a world where everyone gives according to their abilities and takes according to their needs: that is Karl Marx's utopia – The March of History. The end of history comes from the conflict arising out of our relations to material goods, Marx believed, unlike Hegel. Thus Marx's utopia should be implemented in order to survive, according to him. You may notice this is a Socialist world. To some people it may make sense that this world is needed in order to survive, to others not so much. Currently I believe in democracy, since I live in one and have never thought of any other party, really. But after (shallow) observation into Marx's socialist utopia........ I kind of think that world is better. Throughout my life I have pondered the pros/cons of what a socialist world would be like BUT without knowing it was socialism that I was thinking of. I wasn’t aware of what socialism really stood for till now. 
I believe that this current democratic/capitalist world (America) would be better if we all just balance everything out and shared with one another, instead of fight and kill over what resources there are. Now, on the opposite side, no, not the capitalist or communist side, but the extreme opposite of all parties, True Anarchy is the other option I vote for. In what I call True Anarchy, we revert back to our natural state which is when we (humans) first arrived on planet Earth: we fight and survive without rules/laws. Whatever happens happensI prefer True Anarchy or Marxism  over what we have now which is "controlled anarchy," which is another word for capitalism and/or democracy.

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  1. Kaite Berry H0110:47 AM CST

    The only thing in these societies in which we all share everything is when is success? What is happiness in these societies? The success are those with power in these societies and to live and work so hard for that to success and have nothing is a sad life to live. I agree that we should have more steps in place to help adjust more to a socialist measure, but to completely eradicate capitalism would be insane in my opinion. We all are taught to strive and work hard for what we want to achieve. I would hate to spend my entire life working for something only to be told at some point that I must take all my life's hard work and give to someone else who has done nothing to earn that. In all honestly though, that could just be my bigot American opinion.