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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Walking in the Country

I grew up living in the Middle of Nowhere Tennessee. I absolutely loved being outside, walking, running, sitting, writing, etc. Sadly, in recent years, being alone in secluded places has begun to cause me severe anxiety. This anxiety came about due to a few unfortunate events that have happened over the past few years. I cannot even walk through my own front yard at night without continually turning in circles and checking my surroundings for possible threats. This has heavily impeded on my ability to enjoy walking or running to clear my mind as I did for years before. I have begun to attempt to walk around campus during the morning hours when others are present but I still find myself focusing on making sure no one around me is a threat as opposed to clearing my mind or focusing on a specific therapeutic topic. I truly want to get past this. I sometimes just walk in circles in my room or around the track at the rec center. However, this is not the same. It does not allow me to truly escape and feel free from all the stresses of daily life. (H1)

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  1. I understand you completely. I also grew up in the country and am quite used to wandering through the woods or even along the road that is far my wild and alive than even the best of urban parks. I miss the noise most I think...