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Friday, November 6, 2015

Final report, installment 1 ( #12)

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In this first post I would like to give you an overview of my next two posts. In the second post I will give you an extended time line. In the time line I will mention mile stones leading to his profession and works published. In the third post I will tell you about his philosophy. The philosophy I will focus on is his philosophy about science. Throughout the post I will include videos and links to where I found all my information. The philosopher I am doing is none other than Francis Bacon
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The time line I will be doing contains Francis bacon's birth January 22, 1561. his death in April 9, 1626. Even works published after his death.
The philosophy of Francis Bacon is one I am sure we all know, but are not aware that he was the one responsible for.
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In this first post besides giving you an over view I would like to mention quotes associated with Francis Bacon. His quote that I am sure you have all heard being in school is “Knowledge is power.” Another quote by Francis bacon you may not have heard is “Small amounts of philosophy lead to atheism, but larger amounts bring us back to God.” If you would like to read more quotes by Francis bacon you can visithttp://iperceptive.com/authors/francis_bacon_quotes.html. They have over four pages of inspirational quotes; most of the quotes come from the books Francis Bacon has written. If you get anything from this post and the next two post I would hope it would be knowledge.

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