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Monday, November 30, 2015

Post #2

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Paul Reed Smith was born February 18, 1956 in Stevensville, Maryland. He is a master luthier and the founder and owner of PRS Guitars. PRS Guitars is considered one of the top makers of high quality guitars in the United States. Paul Reed Smith is considered to be one of the preeminent master guitar makers in the world and he has his philosophy on craftsmanship and the science behind music to thank for it.
Paul Reed Smith graduated from Bowie High School in 1974 and went on to attend St. Mary's College of Maryland where he began his luthier career. His first guitar was made while he was a student at St. Mary's College of Maryland and he continued to craft guitars after he graduated college. Paul made his guitars one at a time at a speed of one per month with his partner John "Orkie" Ingram. As their partnership grew they formed the beginnings of what would become Paul Reed Smith Guitars.
Paul's initial philosophy for selling his guitars to show off his craftsmanship and understanding of what it took to make a great instrument was to go backstage and concerts with his guitars and let musicians try them out. Eventually Derek St. Holmes, a guitarist for the Ted Nugent Band played #2, the second guitar Paul made. After the show Smith showed the guitar off to a few other musicians and eventually sold it to Derek St. Holmes. Eventually through word of mouth Carlos Santana got a hold of one of Paul Reed Smith's Guitars and became a loyal partner and friend. Carlos loved Paul's philosophy behind his process and has partnered with Smith on more than one occasion to create several different signature guitars. Carlos believes so strongly in Paul's philosophy he has stated he will only endorse PRS Guitars as his supplier.
Through intense research and study under Ted McCarty, Paul Reed Smith has created a vigorous yet rewarding process that creates only the best guitars. Paul's philosophy is that only the highest quality parts should be used under the highest quality control possibly can create a guitar that is of such great magnitude. When asked what his secret is to making the world's best guitars Paul will always respond with "Love".
Paul incorporates physics in his philosophy he has coined "Subtractive Physics" which is what he describes as the science behind creating a magical instrument. He believes that if you follow his 21 rules of tone exactly you will create a magical guitar, which is what he uses to determine a guitar is complete and ready to be sold.

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