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Monday, November 23, 2015

Ethan (8) Stephen Amell/Cancer

My Report is over the actor Stephen Amell. Amell is a Canadian actor born May 8, 1981.He plays the lead role of Oliver Queen in the T.V. show Arrow, which is based off of the Green Arrow comic books. He has started a number of successful fundraising campaigns through the crows funded merchandise platform Represent.com. His focus is on the all of his charities is F-Cancer, along with a few others such as Paws & Stripes.

In the show Arrow they show Amell (Oliver Queen) and his backstory of being stranded on an island outside of china called Lian Yu for 5 years, (2007 to 2012). Where he learns to survive by any means necessary, after his boat "The Queens Gambit" capsizes after a severe storm.

With this we can almost see Amell Starting up his campaingn charity F-Cancer, and watching it come fulfilling with his second year shirts out now. He has more the one charity he resembles himself with but I feel this is the strongest connection he has to one single charity. 

In the season 2 finale the enemy known as Deathstroke (who helped Oliver while he was stuck on the island) is on the verge of blowing up the town of Starling City, and it is up to the Green Arrow to save the day and the town. Shortly after filming the ending of the season Amell auctioned off memorabilia for the charity Prayers for Sophie. He had put a signed statue from Arrow on Ebay for sale to go towards this charity, and he would match the exact dollar amount the statue brought in. After the 24 hour mark the Ebay biding war had hit over 25 thousand dollars, all to go to this little girl with a rare Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor. When all was said and done Amell had close to $100,000 to pay for the medical expense for an 18 month cemotherapy session .

Amell has helped in other celebrities charities, such as : Jared Padalecki's charity with mental health awareness, Paul Blackthorne's charity with elephants in "Poach Eggs not Elephants". 

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  1. (8) The Arrow seems to be very intriguing and I would love to hear more about how the show is reflected in Amell's actual life. I find it interesting the parallel between Amell being a hero within the tv series and in real life when he helps with raising money for charities. The video and the drawing added to my imagination of what this character would look like and made him exist in real life to me as well.