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Saturday, November 21, 2015

(#12) 2nd Installment - Jeri Radford

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Moving onto an episode with an underlying issue that is not so obvious, season 5, episode 9 on Scandal (the most recent one), Olivia Pope’s role in Scandal does a complete 360.
In this episode, Olivia finds herself taking on roles as a “First Lady.” However, this is not her true title, but she is publicly the president’s girlfriend at the time. Mr. President, or Fitzgerald Grant, moved Olivia into the white house without question. Olivia was not too fond of the idea because she knew the consequences of doing so. With moving into the white house as the president’s partner, she would take on many many tedious tasks very unlike the one she is used to or in favor of.
            Usually in each episode, Olivia Pope is tasked with “fixing” someone else’s problem, however in this episode, she seems to have the problem herself. Olivia does not like doing these small, unnecessary duties as lady of the president, however she tries to uphold the responsibilities as she wants to be with Fitz. So, as she tries to push through it having to attend and host dinners, give tours of the White House to children, and pick out the China for the holiday decorations, Olivia finds herself feeling like she is being lessened. She knows her worth; she knows who she is as a woman.

[ Olivia not enjoying her time ]

            In the end it comes down to an argument with the president, her boyfriend, about the whole situation. The situation was forced by Fitz because he moved Olivia in the White House without any notice or questions. Previously in an episode, Olivia and Fitz talked about how if they went into their relationship to quickly then it would not last. They knew, well Olivia knew, that if they went public with their relationship before giving it some actual time, then the outcome with inevitable. It simply would not work that way, however Fitz, being the man he is, moved her in anyways and went on with it. Yes, Fitz is the president, however you can look at it like that, or that he is just simply a man abusing his power. Olivia knows how big of a deal she is; she knows that she is not the woman that likes to pick out decorations or entertain guests at many parties. Olivia is a “big dog”, and she feels that the job as a “First Lady” that she has been given has been lessening her as a woman (putting her down).

Now you may ask, how does this relate to philosophy? Well, Shonda Rhimes, the founder/producer of the show uses her show to voice issues that are currently in society. I believe Shonda Rhimes is using her platform for the better. I believe she wants to inform and help society in producing controversial issues in her T.V. shows.

[ Olivia enjoying being back at home ]

In this episode, Shonda Rhimes tells a story simply about a woman going through gender inequality. In society now, this is a big issue, whether it’s in the workforce, schooling, or within families. Women slowly but surely are pushing their way through this issue, gaining positions at or above men, but women go through stuff like this everyday. Men think women can not do what they do, or they believe that women are just below them in society. Either way, it’s wrong. I believe Shonda shows her philosophy through her shows on television.

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