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Monday, November 30, 2015

Joseph K. Sasraku
1st Installment
Truth and Chritianity.
Before I jump into the Christianity aspect of this paper like most Christians would I would first like to talk about truth not in the Christianity sense of the word but just earthly if you would, broad everyday truth.and of course the biggest question of them all is what is the truth what is real truth and can there be such a thing as the truth. And yes that there can be such a thing as truth earthly speaking of courses but it is not necessarily the truth. An earthly truth I, define as any response to a situation that satisfies the needs of one or two people in that situation. Because what somebody might say is the truth in a certain situation is not necessarily so. Let's take a lie for an instance the total opposite of the truth but yet I believe that before somebody tells a lie they must first believe that it's the truth just like Aloe Blacc said and his song "I'm the man." Because if I tell a lie that I do not believe is the truth then people could noticed a flaw in my lie and I couldn't pass it off as the truth. Now if I tell a good lie and whoever I'm telling it to believes it is the truth then it becomes a truth. But somebody else has to know other than me that that's a lie and will get to that other person later and my other installments but the point I'm making is truth is whatever you make it and whatever you frame or form it to be to benefit your situation.

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