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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sports & Philosophy

Posted for Chris Redditt (#12)

Sports are so important all over the globe. No matter what region of the world you are in
there is a big sport that either evolved from that region or sport that is an essential part of its
culture. For example, in the United States American football, basketball, and baseball shape our
country. Over in Europe, Soccer is the biggest sport and ice skating. In Asia, they like all the
sports. Even if you do not pay attention to the sports in your country, every four years you are
either watching or heard about the Olympics. During the Olympics, every television is tuned in
to see which country will come out on top and this has been the norm even before I was born.
With sports being everywhere there has to be a connection with sports and its meaning of
life. For example, Brett Favre was retired and could not stay away from the sport. Brett Favre
found so much enjoyment in the sport he kept returning. No matter how good his play was he
kept returning because of the feeling he gets hitting the field and the fulfillment. In the book
Sport, Philosophy, and Good Lives the author Randolph Feezell wrote an example about a young
football star that killed himself after his football career ended early.  The philosophy part of this
example is that the football star meaning of life evaporated after his career ended. He was so
down he thought taking his own life was the only sufficient alternative. Sports are  important to
society and taking away that will take away other people’s meanings.

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