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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Michael Jackson, philosopher?

Posted for Lauren Coleman (#11)

For my report on a selected post-Descartes philosopher, I choose to discuss the

life and widely unknown works of Michael Jackson. We all know Michael Jackson

as the global mega-star but many people failed to realize that Michael was one of

American’s biggest Humanitarians. Most people think that he was just a peculiar

man that kept exotic animals on his ranch in California and walked around with a

monkey because he was rich and bizarre but Michael Jackson was actually a

wildlife rehabilitator. The type of animals on Michael’s ranch were typically

orphaned animals in need of caretaker with the best doctors money can buy.

Many may not see Michael Jackson as a philosopher but to hear him express his

views on life and the environment are that of a philosopher. Michael had a

remarkable music career spanning almost 50 years. From a young boy his views

on the world and ecology were firm and strong then as the day he passed away.

Of the eight albums composed during his lifetime Michael released a plethora of

humanitarian songs such as the remake he and his brothers did when they were

kids called “People make the world go Round” originally made by the Stylistics,

“Earth song”, “ They don’t really care about us”, and “Heal The World. My 2nd and

3rd installments on my post-Descartes philosopher Michael Joseph Jackson will

further discuss just how great a philosopher Michael Jackson truly was in the

short time he spent on this pale blue dot.

Posted for Lauren Coleman (#11)

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  1. This looks like a really interesting series. Honestly, I've never considered Michael Jackson as a sane individual. Shedding some light on this subject could seriously open the minds of a lot of people. I'm glad that you picked this topic with this perspective on it! Good luck with your other two installments!