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Monday, November 30, 2015

(12) Calvin and Hobbes pt. 2

In this comic strip we have Calvin complaining to his dad about the
season, in which he wishes for it to be winter, spring or summer – any other
season besides the one he is currently stuck in, which is autumn. When his dad
asks if he doesn’t like autumn Calvin replies that it’s not autumn that he
doesn’t like, it’s the present. What I took from this is the amount of
ungratefulness one can have towards things, not just seasons in particular –
this can be applied to pretty much anything in life. The realization is
saddening really, once we obtain what we want and that desire is then
fulfilled, we no longer yearn for it which often times leads to us taking it
for granted and leaves us looking ungrateful in certain situations. This can
often times be said about a multitude of things such as buying your first car,
at first one is overly excited and then eventually the hype wears off and a
couple of years later you’re left wanting a different car or truck.
Relationships are also a good example of this, how many times have you found
yourself taking your parents, siblings, aunts, cousins, uncles, friends, and
even your significant other for granted only to realize how greatly the impact
one’s life. In this comic strip Calvin can be seen complaining about his
existing situation in the season of fall, since he has in his perspective seen
enough of the autumn season he is anxious to enter a new season that will bring
new colors and adventures.
This leads me to the conclusion that human beings are hungry and
impatient beings, majority of the time we fail to live for the moment and are
stuck in a cycle of complaining about the present, instead of enjoying it. To
me this comic signifies the lack of appreciation we can often times have. 

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