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Monday, November 30, 2015

Fatima Rizvi

Quantico and Philosophy 2nd Installment- A white lie

Are there special circumstances when lying is the right thing to do?

Yes, unfortunately, there are times when you have to lie to do the right thing. I do not condone lying, but there are times when a white lie is needed to get by. It is morally acceptable to lie when a falsehood protects someone from physical or emotional harm. Moreover, little white lies are socially accepted when they do no harm. For instance, telling a child that their drawing is nice or that their story is clever, or telling new parents that their baby is the cutest ever are both examples of this.

In Quantico, each agent has told a white lie at least once in their time at Quantico given their circumstances. Whether it was to protect them or the person they were telling the lie too.

In season 1 episode 7, Alex accuses the twins (Nimah and Raina) for master mining the terrorist attack and framing her because she saw one of the twins in the subway  camera of Queens three days before the attack. Simon who is helping Alex clear her name once had an affair with Nimah and tells Alex that it’s not possible for the twins to carry out an attack, but Alex refuses to listen to Simon and goes to the twins house. As she walks in the house, she sees Raina praying and asks where Nimah is. Raina tells Alex and Simon that she does not know and thinks Nimah is dead. It is  revealed that Raina and Nimah have been infiltrating an Islamic terrorist cell in the house across the street, and it was Nimah who was in the Grand Central surveillance footage. But Nimah's not behind it -- nor is she dead as Raina had assumed after not hearing from her -- she's just been following (and sleeping with) the group's leader, Hamza, who was planning to target an American landmark, and has been in the group's house this whole time. Raina then agrees to do a twin swap with Nimah and goes to the house across the street. When Raina finds Nimah she asks her why did she lie and make it seem like she was dead, to which Nimah replies it was to protect her so she would not come looking for her and so Hamza would not kill her. During a twin swap, Hamza told Raina-as-Nimah that his attack hasn't been executed yet and he wants to skip town with her.

As stated, sometimes a white lie is okay, if you are protecting someone from harm. Nimah was trying to protect Raina by lying to her and making her believe that she was dead so she could protect her life. 

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