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Monday, November 23, 2015

Philip Giguere (#8) I believe that science can hold a key to all the answers and a key to all the ends. We as human beings have come to create the subject of science which is basically the process of asking a question and then answering it. As time began humans had absolutely no idea about anything; since day one we have been evolving and learning about the world we inhabit and the space around it. I believe that in order for our race to survive we need to do everything we can to figure out the cosmos around us and how we can use it and even the things here on Earth we still don't even know about. There is a massive problem with putting so much emphasis on "the start of things". I believe it could very well be beneficial to find out the answer but at the same time will send the world into complete chaos. If religion is found to be false then it will start world wars, if science is found to be false then we will be left to question everything else, every theory, law, and equation.  Either way it will put a massive halt on advancing our population as a species or advancing anything for that matter. I believe that when we mature enough as a whole to understand that information and process it instead of criticizing it, then we will come to know how it all happened.

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  1. (8) I do agree that science can answer a lot of questions that humans have in today's society. Science can answer certain questions and only give us explanation to a certain extent. I also believe that with religion, as a Christian, I have accepted that not all things have answers and even though I am not as curious about things as most people, I do believe there are some things on this earth that should not be questioned. Science and religion seem to provide temporary answers for a human's curiosity, but I believe we will truly never know the answer to all things.