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Saturday, November 21, 2015

"This I believe" - First Installment - Mikayla Briggs (#12)

This I Believe
I believe that every story matters.     

We’ve all heard the saying “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always”, or something to that effect. However cheesy, the weight of those words is often overlooked. Everyone has encountered the moment in which it suddenly becomes clear that everyone around you has a life just as complex as your own. All of the people walking by have friends (hopefully), family (in some capacity), a goal of some kind, a conflict. They’ve all suffered a loss and have also had a great achievement somewhere in the course of their life. While those categories are very vague and produce all kinds of unrelated answers, the common theme is that they all result in a story.
Every person has something to say. And these stories are worthy of an audience, even that of only one. An immeasurable value exists on being fully known by another human being. Whether it be a spouse, a close friend, a long time neighbor, or even good ‘ol mom, we long to have someone listen to our stories. Not only that, but have our stories heard.
These aren’t shameful or selfish desires. They come from a need to be in community with other humans. Sharing personal experiences builds up trust in those communities and in individual relationships as well. Being fooled into believing that whatever you have to say doesn’t hold worth is robbing the world of an irreplaceable and unmatchable perspective.
Age, gender, race, education level, career field, social status: none of these things matter. Who you are and what brought you here matter. Your story matters.

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