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Monday, November 23, 2015

Steven Sheffey (#8): The first Installment

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I believe that science is humanity's ultimate creation. It is important for humanity to become fully knowledgeable about the universe so that we may exist within and benefit from the only plane of existence we can be sure exists. To me, the greatest form of science is taking advantage of the vastness of the universe we inhabit and learning to use its resources in a way that allows humanity to continue to learn, and possibly even start to inhabit other planets in the cosmos as our own resources become too scarce to sustain our population. Maybe hopes of a galactic presence of humans are just the result of watching too much science fiction, but I believe that at its best, humanity is capable of doing just that. We live in a universe with an unimaginable amount of matter and energy. I believe that the practically infinite resources of the universe will be the key to the survival of humanity. Although, essential to our progeny's post-terrarial society is cooperation on the planet we currently inhabit. In order to bring about humanity's potential, we must all work towards a society that shuns greed, hate, war, bigotry, prejudice, and all manner of counterproductive negativity. The only true limits to the progress of society are the resources of the universe. Anything else is a falsehood, created by humans to deal with this reality. Is there any net benefit to humanity in one person benefiting at the expense of the detriment of others? If there is a scarcity of resources needed to live, then it is naturally the responsibility of humanity to reduce that scarcity. As science helps us harness our universe's resources, we become more capable of reducing this scarcity.

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