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Monday, November 23, 2015

Final Installment #1 (#12) By Vincent Thompson

This I Believe - I believe in the power in influence

At times, being a waiter sucks. The strenuous 14 hour shifts, swelling feet, and constant moving. Still, the main part of waiting tables isn't the physical aspect, but the mental aspect. I am an overall tough individual, and show very little emotion, but one of the things waiting tables taught me was the strength of influence and impact. As a server, you get guest of all different backgrounds going through all of types of situations. As you take care of the customer, your attitude seems to rub off on them and vice-versa. 

Dining in at a restaurant allows people to escape. No matter what situation they are going through, I try to make sure to treat all of my customers like royalty. It involves a bit of acting, but it also instills optimism in myself. No matter what is going on within yourself, as a server you adapt to different people and personalities to get a better understanding of them. Making happiness become a feeling that the customer feels increases their experience. This in turn makes you tip bigger. Though the initial motive might have been monetary, you still end up gaining a positive feeling yourself. You gain hope and optimism that everything will be alright. Serving shows how such a little impact can have big results on yourself and others. 

While I was on duty as a server, I had a table come in during a slow period. It was a father and his young daughter having a late dinner. He ordered the biggest plate we had, "The Ultimate Feast", and ordered the same for his daughter. As they feasted together I noticed the happy expression coming off of both of their faces. As the ending approached on their dining experience I dropped off their checks. The ticket said "65.32". He approached my manager with $55 and exclaimed, "This is all I Have." My manager accepted it and as the man left his daughter, I saw a hint of stress greet his face. His daughter then gave him the biggest smile, and I saw an even bigger one enter the man. At that time, I realized how I helped make a positive influence in a negative situation. I felt like everything was going to be alright in my life. I realized how much of an importance I serve and the great influence I have by simply waiting tables. 

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