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Thursday, November 26, 2015

(8) Installment #1: This I Believe...

“Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner” –Max Lucado
           I believe in forgiveness. I believe the power of forgiveness is one of the strongest and most valuable things I can hold. Forgiveness can be a difficult concept for humans and especially when hardships are encountered in life. Finding faith and realizing I had the power to forgive has allowed me to become an overall better person.
            When I truly understood the power behind forgiveness was when I put all my energy and time into the college I attended as a freshman. My life was built around my faith and playing soccer. Naturally I looked for a school that would allow me to grow closer to God and continue to let me pursue the talents He gave me through soccer. I devoted four years of recruitment into this school only to leave after my freshman year. Letting go of the idea of being a student-athlete and a follower of my Savior was extremely hard and I battled with forgiving myself and it even made me question my faith. I battled with being sexually harassed by my soccer coach and continued to ask “why me?”. How could I continue at a school that supported a women’s soccer coach that degraded women and infringed on my image of what a Christian man should represent? I decided to leave the soccer program and a place of holy worship for a secular school that was unknown territory for me. I battled everyday with what I did wrong and how I could be mislead by Christians and what seemed to be the direction my faith pushed me. I struggled with forgiving my coach and had a corrupt outlook on men. Finding myself on my hands and knees praying for a sign was when I knew things were changing.
            Forgiving those that have harmed you is a powerful gift. I not only forgave those around me, but I ultimately forgave them for myself. The statement “feels like a hundred pounds has been lifted off my shoulders” was an understatement for the decision I made when I changed schools and forgave the man that hurt me the most. I forgave him for his family, my team, and for the countless number of men in my life. In this moment of weakness I found that forgiveness not only lifted a burden off of me, but allowed me to become a stronger Christian.


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