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Monday, November 23, 2015

Generation Story Corps – One family's generational take on philosophy of raising children.

For my final project I have decided to do a StoryCorps interview with three generations of mothers on child rearing. I intend to include the philosophy they have each used including the influential factors that have played into one of the most important jobs anyone could ever have: raising a vital part to the future generation and in turn leaving an extension of themselves on humanity. I hope to show how our past, generation, and how we effect the people in our lives with those that influence our own ideas and beliefs.
My lucky participants will include.
1.My Mother- Debra Sweet (age 54), divorced, raised in Memphis, TN along with her 2 sisters were in inner city schools during many of the civil rights events of the 60-70s, the Watergate scandal, The early forms of home computers, email, video games and technology we have come to be a part of our every day lives today. She raised 2 daughters during the mid eighties to present.

2. My Grandmother- Judith Childs (age73) She graduated High school in Memphis, TN in 1960 proceeded to get married to the love of her life and have three daughter by 1963. She was a very serious stay at home mom that included almost constant cooking, baking, and creating of everything from daily breakfast, lunch, and dinners to a magnitude of sweets and baked goods (that still continues to this vary day) for all neighbors, friends, and classmates/ coworkers. She was raised in a time of rare accessibility to TVs, operator phones, drive-ins and when gas was about $0.13/gal.

3.My Sister- Morgan Mayer (age 27)-Traveled throughout the US while growing up but mainly in rural TN. The younger of two she was raised in the 90s and married her high school sweet heart. Her and her husband have two sons. She grew up in a time of Video Stores, skating rinks, and when cell phones were first widely accessible. The Internet and computers were making their way into schools and homes. A lot of youth began playing more video games than board games. Information on philosophy and child rearing was becoming more and more readily accessible and convenient.

*I will post links to the actual story corps interview as well as an inside look and analysis into responses and topics discussed on my next installment. Presently I have posted some interesting and informative links that pertain to my topic for further reading.

Further reading and background on child rearing in today’s society:

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