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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This I believe: rationalized paths to immortality 

My final report will be installments for the "this I believe" series. I will attempt to describe my belief system and my interpretations on the many paths to immortality. I truly believe that there is not only one in the sense of establishing a singular faith but many as in ways to leave a permanent mark on humanity. I will admit that my aspirations are meager. I have been through many tribulations and do not expect much praise for having merely survived. It is my belief that having any remains of my existence survive is to become immortal. I have seen that there are two paths to immortality: DNA, discovery & cultural contribution.
I’m not an excellent writer, so I hope to complete my final assignment as a series of edited and expanded installments. I am a Buddhist and believe that my mind has the capacity for growth with each passing moment. Sometimes I make mistakes, I try learn from those and try to become better. It would serve me well to be humble and admit my stubbornness now. I do not always learn quickly.

DNA as the path to immortality
So I thought I had figured it out when I was 23. I had it all and I thought regularly about losing it all. I was in a mentally abusive relationship. I realized even then that the most selfish thing in the universe was to be selfless, and the most selfless thing could be to selfishness. To protect one’s genetic claim in the history books was to make that genetic encryption survive. The secret code was encrypted forever within your chromosomes.
I’ll stop the buck here. Cultural tradition as a path to immortality is a wide encompassing belief system that will take me several days to stew. Also I’m sure I’ll end up expanding on the text above and try to include answers to questions. Anyway, I’ll stop here and let you ponder on the direction, in the meantime enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

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