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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Learn. Live. Repeat.

"What do you believe?" It's a common question, and an important one at that. A question with heavy, life-changing implications. "What do you believe?" Ask anyone what they think on a given topic and you can expect a ready answer. People are always free with their opinion, oftentimes to a fault. But ask a person what he or she believes and the answer might not come so freely. I admit that I haven't been asked that question often and I had contemplated the answer even less. In fact it wasn't until I started my first semester at MTSU this year that I felt compelled to answer it, for my philosophy class and for my own satisfaction.
     "What do you believe?" I wasn't sure how to answer that question when it was first posed to me. What specifically makes up my personal philosophy? The first time the question was posed by my professor I had an idea, but no specific details. But it was a pretty good idea, and so I decided to run with it and see what sort of portrait of personal belief I could paint. It wasn't easy going at first. I've put this essay off for weeks, stressed over the question, even lost some sleep. But I have an answer now. It may not be the best answer. It might not always be my answer. But it is MY answer. 

I believe that Life has a purpose.


  1. "Learn. Live. Repeat" - nice mantra, and a good ecipe for discovering one's life-purpose.