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Sunday, November 22, 2015

With Love,

I have done lots of thinking over my personal beliefs this semester, both inside this class and out, and after much reflection and introspection, I've decided to leave you with this: Life is about being happy, as Aristotle would agree. Neither the car you drive, your thigh gap (or lack thereof), the degree you get, nor Jesus Christ himself is going to make you happy. Happiness is a conscious choice, and one that demands attention on a regular basis. Happiness is concocted in the soul. It must be mixed with alchemical precision, and unwavering faith, and it must be done by you primarily.You have to light your own candle, just as you have to keep the world from blowing it out. Daily. Every corner has someone with a weak exhalation to offer in your direction, their flames already extinguished, seeking to blow your candle out as well. That’s life. Sometimes you meet leaf blowers. Shift your steps, dodge those who seek to put out your fire, and look for some gasoline. People, things, ideas can all be fuel. They can also be matches. Be receptive to what sets you burning. Make yourself open so you don’t smother the flames. Live a little, but do it with a clean heart and a conscious mind. Know that you are worthy of happiness. Know also that the world doesn’t owe it to you, just as we don’t owe logs the moment of bright interruption in an otherwise bleak existence, but you are allowed it if you so choose.

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