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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Philosophy of Philosophy (H3)

As Bertrand Russell's definition of philosophy leads us to believe, philosophy is a combination of religion and science that meets in the middle. This shows us how each persons personal philosophy is different. Some people may take science so seriously that that is all they believe in, supported by facts and evidence. Some people are so religious that they question nothing outside those beliefs. But I don't see a good reason as to why our answers to these huge questions can't be explained by both, working together.

Carl Sagan pointed out to us how everything we have ever known in our small lives are restricted to that one "pale blue dot" swallowed by the immense black universe, and whether or not there ever would be anyone else around to help us when the time came. Science has allowed us to explore that infinite black space around us to discover more about our being, while religion has allowed us to feel strength that we are not alone and that there is a greater being looking down on us with love. Science is what gives us the explanation of how our world works, and religion gives us comfort as to why our world works. Science gives us ways to keep our environment stable so humans can continue to exist, while religion gives us the purpose to continue on. Without both of these elements, one would be missing a large part of our existence as a race. Our philosophy of philosophy as humans should be to try to better see and understand the relationship between the two, in order to understand our meaning and our being.


  1. I really enjoyed your essay! The way you looked at science and religion combined really opened my eyes to some different possibilities in the realm of philosophy and science. I am a psychology major, so seeing how it all connects to the individual is something important to me in this class and I liked your description a lot.