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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wondering and Pondering

Ever since I was introduced to the theory of peripateticism last week, I’ve become increasingly aware of how constructive of a method it is and how applicable it is to my everyday life. Through readings like “Gymnasiums of the Mind,” “The Philosophy of Walking, and in-class discussions, I’ve begun to understand how directly our physical activity reflects on our mental activity. It’s fascinating that stimulating our kinesthetic senses allows us to engage deeply with our cerebral ingenuity.
I tried walking as a method to open up my mind and I was surprised to find my feet at the end of the trail before my mind was even finished wandering. The movements of the mind and body correlate tremendously. As you place one foot in front of the other, you move forward with your body, allowing your ideas to advance onward as well. I notice this pattern in even the smallest of movements. I’ll often come from deep focus to find myself tapping my heel briskly on the floor or clicking my fingernails together impatiently. It’s like I’m on the brink of understanding something and need a little extra electrical encouragement sent to my brain through neurons in order to reach full comprehension.
I’m glad I have begun to learn about and value peripatetic philosophy, for it is a very liberating and invigorating activity. Leaving behind daily constraints to explore our minds and the world we live in inspires innovative ideas and cleanses the conscience of insignificant troubles. Putting yourself in a different setting physically shows you things from a different perspective, and sometimes that’s all you need to have a revelation.


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