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Monday, August 29, 2016

Living on The Pale Blue Dot


We reside on Earth, and this world is within what we have come to know as the solar system. This arrangement of planets around a star is part of a larger whole known as the Milky Way. The galaxy we inhabit is engulfed within this universe. So, what is our significance here? Do we as a species hold any significant purpose? I, myself feel that we know of no such answers. I believe we know close to nothing about basically everything. Unless given roadside assistance by some all-knowing entity, I personally think we have as much knowledge as we would credit a blade of grass for having. The vastness of existence is beyond our comprehension. We have the ability to ponder and speculate; that alone is an incredible privilege that we must utilize to the best of our capabilities. 

“All we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think, we become.” This saying is scripture deriving from the Dhammapada; a collection of phrases of the Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama. This phrase makes clear that we attain an image of ourselves from the thoughts we create. We live on the stifling of billions of stifles. We are a miniscule dot in the midst of a massive portrait. So the question stands, are we significant? Does one less dot affect the beauty of an artwork? My time is best spent surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who enjoy observing and conversing on the complexities of life. I have yet to wander from this blue dot and may never have that chance. We are all individually destined to always question our own existence and find our own answers in life. After all we are part of a masterpiece whether created intentionally or aimlessly.

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