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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


My weekly essay is based on the DQ question: Do you acknowledge the authority of any individuals or institutions to interpret the truth for you? Why or why not?

No, I do not allow anyone to tell me what the “truth” is, because I will only accept MY truth. HOWEVER, I will accept council and opinions to help construct my opinions, but they are my opinions. A simple example is reading- not everything that is written down is true, but many often choose to accept it as truth with little-to-no proof.

Also, I accept the fact that there is more than one truth. EX- Someone is killed in a grocery store. Now, even though all the witnesses were present at the same event, every person will have a different rendition. This is because everyone has their own frame of reference, shaped by their knowledge, education, experience, and personal values. This often makes it hard to determine the truth. Someone could be insistent that one thing happened, while someone else insists something else happened. This doesn't necessarily mean that one is lying, or even that one is wrong. It only means that they viewed an action through different frames of reference.

One of the major issues of today is that many people don’t believe or accept that there can be more than one, universal truth. The reason that there is more than one is because people see through their own frame of reference, which is unique to each individual.

So no, I do not allow others to tell me what is true or not true, because there are many truths, and I choose to create and believe my own.

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