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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Intent of Thinking (H3)

     On my way to class this morning, I realized most people do not walk with the intent of thinking. Most people walk with the intent of reaching a destination. I walked with the purpose of reaching my class on time, as were the many students I passed. But why can't people do both? Why can't people think on their way? Probably because they are in a rush and/or on their cell phones, at least I am. I'll be listening to music and texting, not even bothering to look up to see who I'm passing. People are so caught up in what so-and-so texted them or where they have to be next that there is simply no time for philosophical thoughts. I disagree with the idea that “…perhaps we do not walk because there are no sidewalks” (Orlet) because even if there were more sidewalks, humans would still be caught up in their every day lives. They can't stop rushing around long enough to go for a walk without having an end destination. There are way too many distractions around to think clearly, such as cell phones, schedules, and noise in general. I find it best to go somewhere more secluded in order to clear my mind. Hiking or walking in a park surrounded my nature can inspire and encourage profound thoughts. Unfortunately, most people today won't set aside the time to go for a stroll especially if there is no destination. Perhaps if they did, though, they could put their lives into a different perspective.


  1. H1
    I like what you say. It's too easy to get in a rut of thinking that every text and email must be responded to right away. I have always enjoyed walking from building to building to get to my classes. The hover-board fad has bothered me because it takes all the purpose out of going at a walking pace. They go at almost the same speed as a strolling person, except without the benefit of get the blood flowing, moving and thinking.

  2. Ingrid Leo11:07 AM CDT

    When you walk on campus, if you look up, nobody is looking at where they are walking. I even notice it while I am driving on campus how people are always looking down at their phone, without even pausing to look before they walk. People are too caught up in everyday life and their same old routine that it seems to all start blending together. I have been flawed of this too, and I'm glad that I am beginning to be more aware and start using my mind more, even if it's just a walk from class to class.