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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 Types of Walking

There are, I believe, to be 3 different types of walking: walking to get somewhere, walking to think or clear your mind, and walking to lose yourself. 
The first is walking to get somewhere. This is where someone is walking to get from point A to point B typically not thinking about much else except getting to the destination. This is the most basic in that it is what everyone does everyday. As humans, we are constantly rushing about to our next destination to complete some sort of task. This form of walking leaves no time for thinking or asking questions.
The second type of walking is the kind where we walk to clear our heads and to think about questions we have in our lives and the world around us. This is what I like to call philisophical/parapatetic walking because during this time, we usually ask the big questions  and ponder the answers even if there isnt a definite answer. Typically we do not perform this type of walking anymore because we are too busy in our day to day lives to take time to just walk and think. 
Lastly is the type of walking where the goal is to just lose yourself, where you become one with the world around you and bring peace to your mind. This I find is usually best accomplished in nature because it is easy to just look around and obvserve the beauty of this world without thinking and just being. This is my personal favorite type of walking because I enjoy the peace of mind that it brings me throughout our busy day to day lives.

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  1. Your description of the 3 types of walking were very interesting and I don't know of if it is due someone else's work or your own (if so, great job). Nevertheless, it's cool because seeing as I personally favor the the third type as well i never what exactly it was until you put it into that perspective so thanks.