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Friday, August 5, 2016


I was going to make a post about A Universal Theory of Science and Religion as provided by Herman's book. It ended up looking like this, 

    "Origenally" I had mentioned that there must be two types of knowledge. Since, this book is almost the same density of the Bible that might be why my subconscious mind perceived it as reading religiously, which after about 600 pages of reading, I guess it actually was read as such. However, there is a lot of discussion about Christianity and Ontology, “or the existence of God” in this book. Chapter 2 is “The Soul of Reason”, Chapter 3 is “The Mind of God”, Chapter 10 is “Christ is Come: Plato and Christianity”, 19 “Secrets of the Heavens: Plato, Galileo, and the New Science”, and 25 is “The Scale of Nature: Darwin, Evolution, and Aristotle’s God”.So, my initial impression wasn’t too far off from reality.
Rereading my posts, I came across the question I derived from the book about, “Would a God necessarily have to be a “supreme geometer,” (95) committed to an ordered and rational creation? What if the creator had a preference for disunity and a messy creation? This was from Euclid’s Elements, and then there is the Timaues that says that God’s creation plan was outlined by utilizing strips of “soul stuff” organized by a musical scale of (4:4:2:1), and laid them crosswise into a +. God then bent the two lines at right angles and this created the heavens. Then there is Newton’s theory that God is between the comets."
    Then, I sat indoors of Starbucks and wrote some more, but upon returning home to continue working on this document, my computer started to act weird and now I can't access Miscrosoft Word. So, given my new understanding and reading's of philosophy and walking, I decided that I would in fact, go for a walk. On my walk, I tried to imagine what I would write for this post. "do I want to make it complex or simple" I said to myself. As i'm sitting down, I think i'll describe my thoughts while walking, in praise of the newfound coping skill.

    I parked my car, set my two feet down on the asphalt at Stones River Battlefield. I changed into some ore comfortable shoes and began placing one foot in front of the other. I was reminded of the feeling of being grounded to the earth as I felt my feet spring up from the cushion of my shoes. I was reminded of the thought of dominating nature as I walked. Suddenly mother nature became the subject to be viewed.
    I began to slowly feel myself adapt into nature in a sort of transcendental fashion, something I have constantly been thinking about this semester. I had written a poem when I was younger, that I am always reminded of when i'm in nature. Being slightly musically inclined and playing instruments since I was young, (my step-father's dad was actually the guitarist for Kenny Rogers) I would always imagine the wind blowing through the trees as a sort culmination of notes, as if mother nature was blowing through a reed. The complex, and softening rustle of the leaves made me think mother nature was singing a song, albeit a faint whisper. Today though, there was a storm rolling into town, so mother nature spoke a little bit louder than usual. 

    As I walked, I felt my mind moving quicker than my feet, but as the journey continued the two became syncopated. I realized just how fast pace of a society that we live in. That even trying to walk as slowly as possible is arduous. Almost as tough as running. Our minds and body are constantly forced to perform under pressure and at a heightened pace. 
    Intermittently during this walk, the "existential dread" as I like to call it, kicked in. I would feel myself plagued with insecurity and self-doubt. "Did I really mean what I told that person today about what I wanted to do with my life, do I really know?" My next foot struck the pavement. I slowly blocked the thought out of mind and was reminded of my path. In the same way that one chooses a direction to walk with ones feet, so does someone choose to navigate with their life. Life paths. The asphalt road turned into a forest trail, rocks, roots, and the like were encompassing my environment. I suddenly became a little bit more aware of myself, since I needed to think about what was in the woods. A squirrel quickly scurried up a tree. I felt a new sense of confidence as I looked up at the branches and leaves. My head held high, muscle memory set in, my feet on autopilot. As I approached the final stretch of my walk, my eyes fixated on a guy on a bike, trying to keep him focused in my vision as he went further an further down the trail in front of me, a fellow park-goer, a runner greeted me. My eyes went back to the biker. There was so much thought in that simple moment though. Too much to be able to type. 
    In summation, I have walked away from this class with more than just a new comprehensive knowledge of philosophers and an increased reading and analytic ability. I have been able to learn a new way to think, to interact with the world, and a new way to Philosophize. 

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  1. Stones River, a nice adjustment to computer failure. Indeed, you solved your technical malfunction with the oldest fix in the manual!

    And, you've added a layer of interest to the battlefield for me. Next time I'm there I'll think of your strolls and speculations, "so much thought in that simple moment..." Thought, feeling, reflective awareness, joie de vivre... whatever words we find for the total peripatetic experience, it's beyond them. I'm so glad you're "walking away" with that insight and life-skill. Happy trails, Cody!