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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Impact On The Universal Ocean (H01)

Previously, we have talked about our impact on the universe. I like to believe that while we are only the tiniest fraction of our universe, I like to believe that we are as important and as vital as the vast solar systems around us. I believe our impact should not be measured in things such as wealth and power, but with influence. For example, I believe that a single mom who gives her all to provide for her children has much more influence that any celebrity. Not only are her children influenced by her, but those around her are also influenced as they see how hard one works to provide for his or her family. This impact that we have causes a huge shift of the world around us, even by the simplest of means. Something one person says in this philosophy class could cause any one of us to change our entire views, and therefore our lives. This is simply the choices we make at an individual level, but the choices we make as a society, a nation, or a world can make an even bigger affect. It was discussed before about the earth-like planet discovered near Proxima Centauri. If our planet so decided that we would venture to this planet, our society would cause a huge impact on not just our world, but our whole universe. Decisions like this are built by each individual's thoughts and opinions. I agree with the analogy that our universe is a deep and great ocean. When individuals take action, little ripples spread across the surface, but quickly dissipate. When those ripples join together, huge waves begin to form, and those waves can change the whole current of the ocean.

As the famous Doctor Who said, "Nine hundred years of time and space and I've never met anybody who wasn't important before." I agree that we are all small and minuscule in the universe, but our actions and decisions make an impact that may outlast ourselves for centuries.

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