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Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Philosophy of Walking

A Philosophy of Walking got me thinking. Why is it so hard for everyone to slow down? Why is speed the only thing on our minds? It seems like Americans don't know how to slow down at all. Whether it's work or play, Americans are trying to go into hyperdrive just to get everything done. I say Americans specifically because in some parts of the world like Europe it seems like people are able to slow down fairly easily. And yet even those people are subject to the compulsive need to never stop moving. Phones, computers, and the internet's very existence has caused some serious problems as far as never slowing down. True, rarely would you see a man running by with a laptop perched in his hands working on a presentation for his place of work, but the point is that he is mentally engaged in his work and the stress that comes with it. It's unsettling how no one wants to slow down and focus. The problem is that money is our main focus in life, and so we spend countless hours working to earn that money. And then our consumerism takes ahold of us and we therefore must earn more money to not only survive but also to have fun things in our lives as well. The last thing people seem to want to do is stop doing things. The thing is, I don’t think walking just has to be used for walking’s sake. I think it can be a form of therapy for people, thinking through problems in a more active way than merely dwelling on the problem. Perhaps, however, as we further discuss this book, I will change my mind on the concept of walking entirely.


  1. Walking is absolutely the best therapy, at least for me. And it's free, except for the investment of time and the occasional new pair of Skechers.

    I only regret that I'll probably never get to walk on the moon, or Proxima b. Someday, though, someone will. "This I believe..."

  2. H3
    In regarding walking ass a form of therapy, i believe that is one of the best forms of therapy because it gives us time to think thoroughly about our problems and solve them without rushing through our minds for a quick solution that could only cause other problems. Also, just simply walking can relieve stress from our daily lives because it gives the necessary time to just take a breath, relax, and maybe even clear our minds to find some peace.

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