Up@dawn 2.0

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A short walk in the woods

Rode my bike over to Percy Warner Park this morning...


  1. Thank you for the knowledge that you have shared with us this semester and thank you for the video. Did you ever think as you were traveling along that path that everything was also watching you, the trees, the deer, the insects? Are you ever tempted to step off the beaten path for a moment and wander up into the forests? Would that be safe? Are there copperheads or rattlesnakes in Warner Park?

  2. There are definitely other eyes, mostly unseen, in the woods. Much as I love Shel Silverstein's "Giving Tree," though, I don't tend to think of them as interactive in the same way. A bug's gaze doesn't bother me at all, just his bite. I'm sure there are plenty of slithering slender fellows out there too, and my Boy Scout survival skills are a bit rusty - so I generally stick the beaten path. The "other" I most engage with in the woods is myself, and other versions thereof.

  3. Everything's fine until a bear opens your car door.