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Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Liberation from Society

Walking seems to liberate you from societal constructs. Being subject to natural elements and your biological needs definitely puts you in a different mindset than living in a city. I think the rigid structure of society- deeming certain things necessities and labeling into roles restricts the person from thinking in a way to reach a self-awareness. So the only way is to walk. But what about walking makes this happen? Maybe exercise (getting fresh oxygen to your brain) stimulates your brain in a different way. I think just finding yourself alone and knowing how you fit into nature and knowing your own thoughts makes you at peace. Then you begin to wonder in your own way, which allows for new ideas. There is also Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (http://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html), in which he makes a pyramid of necessities, beginning with biological needs and ending with self-awareness. To reach self- awareness, you must have achieved the level preceding. I was reminded of this pyramid after reading Zimmer’s writing of Hindu philosophy (PW Ch 2). Do you think that one must be able to fulfill biological and societal needs before coming into self-awareness? In context to Hindu philosophy, must you experience the three preceding stages of life before reaching self-awareness? (H3)

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  1. H3
    When it comes to self-awareness, there are many ways to reaching it. I believe that one does not need to reach their biological necessities before achieving self-awareness. This is because in many cultures, the people fast and meditate for prolonged periods of time in solitude to achieve some form of enlightenment.