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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

 This being my second official week being a college student, it is safe to say my life is overwhelmed with change. I live in a new place, I interact with new people, I am experiencing so many new things, and its very easy to become overwhelmed. I find myself stressing more and more everyday and the root of this is stress is change. As a Music Industry Major I am required to take Music Theory I and today we discussed a very interesting piece of history; many pre-socratic philosophers came to believe that the most basic essence of existence is change and in reverse, the basic essence of divinity is changelessness. I cannot think of a more fitting sentiment for my life as of right now, and I believe that this has to do a lot with the the paripatetic school of that. If we accept what Gros says about walking being an escape from all the commotion of work and life, and if the basic essence of existence is change, then we can assume that walking acts as an escape from change. But if wandering is an escape from change then it must be changeless and in turn, it must be a divine act. Not a divine act in some biblical sense, but a type of divinity which is incredibly personal while being shared by every human on earth. The kind of divinity I'm speaking of is the one which exists in the sense of awe you get when seeing a sky full of stars or a beautiful work of art. Its the feeling of eternity and our brief ever-changing time spent within it.

David Cooper (H2)

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