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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

H02: Chasing A Line

After the peripatetic endeavor during class, today, I couldn't help but speculate the academic of efficiency of peripatetic speculation and discussion sovereignly contained by individual groups, or collective class discussion initiated by a pedagogical setting. As I stated on the first day of the semester, despite being an honors student, my admiration for Honors classes, especially ones in the Paul W. Martin building, is that the class is more discussion and speculated oriented rather than lecture/lesson oriented, and something seems artificial about the concept of lecture-based philosophy. Our peripatetic experimentation was the ultimate detachment from predominant college format. Similar to the method of an artist searching for an inspiration, the Dr. Oliver's assignment for us was to exit the boundaries of the classroom as peripatetic philosophers and search for a lesson. Find knowledge. Something resonated from the experience on a spiritual platform. Regardless of how much fruit was bared by the initial peripatetic engagement, I do feel like there's a line we are chasing that if we reach, we will organically, passionately, and potentially even therapeutically achieve some level of enlightenment. I hope we can cross that line and be enlightened students for just one day.

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